Message Creation

You and me will start by determining what the message is your company wants to communicate and who the audience is. With a messaging session I will answer the following two questions: 1. Why should your audience trust that message? 2. Which story creates the strongest image for your company?

Strategy Management

We will set your goals for a great PR strategy, which will be closely linked to the HR strategy and Marketing or Communication strategy of your company. I will set up a clear, consistent, creative and result-orientated strategy.

Reputation Management

Together with me you are creating a good reputation and will maintain and protect your good reputation. I will bring the vision and mission of your company to the audience. If you still have to build up a good reputation, I can also help you.

High End Training

To maintain and protect the good reputation of your company, your employees and you need to protect it. I offer trainings and workshops for every form of communication, one-on-one or for large groups. On top of that, I offer media training for you and your employees. If you are appearing on the television, you should be careful with what you are saying. Even people who leave their job at your company need to be willing to maintain and protect your good reputation.

Internal Communication Empowered employees will work for you longer years. I will be glad to help you find the right channels that turn your staff into brand ambassadors. Team building activities are a good start and I will help you pick the right ones. We’ll translate that into an internal communication plan which will best achieve your aims and bring the message you want give to your employees. I will help you make choices, and we will develop a substantive, distinctive and measurable strategy for internal communication.


Together we will organize an event which corresponds with your company’s goals for internal communication, like a team building activity. We can also organize an event like the opening of a new office or a summit to reach your goals for external communication.

Content Marketing

Your company has many stories to tell. I will help you write the stories with creative and attractive content and help get them across. We will make them easy to find and spread them via the most relevant media. I will help you reach the goals of your Marketing Plan or I will write a Marketing Plan for your company first. I write convincing press releases, which keep your audience interested, short copy, PR Plans, you name it!