Our Webinar BE the 💥  for your business will take place Tuesday, June 14th, 12:00 h midday – 13:30 h GMT / 13:00 h – 14.30 h CET.

Learn four unique methods from four experienced specialist practitioners to manage and support your health better. Improve your productive wellness and spark your business by attending this webinar!

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Marigold Katsande will help you pinpoint your potential ‘Health Debt’ areas and offer you Natural Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle solutions to repay and avoid these. Gut health starts with cleansing for efficient digestion, and a good diet will strengthen your immune system.

Joel Stewart will do a restorative ‘Flowing Stillness’ movement session with you, which will include gentle stretching exercises, moving to music and a short guided visualization. This is an effective tool to lower your stress levels and will leave you energized, yet relaxed.

Mir Schouten will start you off on a unique self-healing method: Mental and Intuitive Reset. After her session you will have a raised level of endorphins and be happier. Mir will also share scientific facts about the importance of enough sleep for your mental and physical health.

Velma Williams-Ward will introduce you to effective self-care habits, which will help you feel more alive and in control. This way you stay active, productive, mobile ánd you will boost your self-awareness. Her natural, holistic approach will bring you the power of custom-made self-love care habits and you will be better able to achieve and maintain your desired outcomes.

SPARK it! Serenity, Purpose, Agility, Rhythm, Knowledge.

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Cost: $ 7.50 / €  7,00 / £ 5.96

Warm regards, 🌟 Mir Schouten, BASc. 🌟 HR/PR Coach, health podcaster.

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